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The E&L Cheek Rests are designed to give the proper eye alignment when using a scope-mounted rifle.  Manufactured with high-impact, glass-filled black nylon, these cheek rests weigh only 3 ounces each.

  • HK 91/93 - Designed for use only with the E&L Adjustable Stock Extension.  This Cheek Rest offers three alignment angles - 90 degrees (In line with stock) or tilted 10 degrees left or right for optimum eye alignment.
  • AK-47 - Designed for use only with the E&L Adjustable Stock Extension on solid stocks only.
  • AR-15/M-16 - Attaches directly to either the A1 or A2 fixed stock as well as the original models without the cleaning kit compartment.

Made in the U.S.A.
Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Firearms pictured are not for sale and they are NOT included with the purchase of a Cheek Rest.

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HK-91, HK-93

Order# 525 $19.95

AR-15, M-16

Order# 526 $19.95


Order# 527 $19.95

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