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The E&L Ventilated Barrel Shrouds, or Non-Ventilated Barrel Shrouds are constructed of aircraft aluminum with a hard black satin finish.

The ventilated barrel shrouds feature oval-shaped holes giving the firearm a machine gun look while the Non-Ventilated Barrel Shroud gives the appearance of a suppressor equipped weapon. E&L Barrel Shrouds are made from 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum, They slide onto the barrel from one end only, the other end (Muzzle End) covers the front of the barrel except for a little more than the bore. The other end is equipped with a set screw. Inside each shroud (at the setscrew end is a 1/2” wide spring steel ring, so when you tighten the setscrew it presses against this steel ring and the ring interns tightens against the barrel. This eliminates the possibility of the setscrew marring up your barrel.

HK-94 / SW5 / BW5 / 9MM & .45 SD Barrel Shroud
MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm Heavy Barrel)

The E&L SD Shrouds are constructed of black textured, high temperature, impact resistance, plastic.

The HK-94 Barrel Shroud is uniquely designed for the HK-94 to give the appearance of the HK MP-5 silenced 9mm sub-machine gun.  These are a "must have" accessory for serious HK collectors. E&L also manufactures the SD Shroud to fit the 94 Clones (SW5 & BW5).


To place an order: Write down the "Order Numbers", "Item Description" and "Price" of the items that you would like to purchase then click on "Policies" in the Menu at left for more information and to place your order.


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Order # Item / Model Description
201 Mini-14 & Ranch Ventilated / See Note Below
202 UZI Carbine (9mm & 45) Ventilated / See Note Below
203 Ruger 10/22 Ventilated / See Note Below
204 Steyr AUG Ventilated / With NO Fore grip
205 H&K 94 / PTR 9R Ventilated / See Note Below
205A H&K Clone SW-5, BW-5 Ventilated / See Note Below
206 Mini-30 Ventilated / See Note Below
207 H&K USC .45 Ventilated / See Note Below
208 UZI SMG (Fits short Barrels) Ventilated / With NO Fore grip
209 HK SL8-1 Ventilated / With NO Fore grip
210 Beretta Cx4 Storm Ventilated / See Note Below
211 MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm Heavy Barrel) Ventilated / See Note Below
302 UZI Carbine (9mm & 45) Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
303 Ruger 10/22 Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
304 H&K 94 / PTR 9R Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
304A H&K Clone SW-5, BW-5 Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
305 H&K USC .45 Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
306 Beretta Cx4 Storm Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
307 H&K SL8 Non-Ventilated / With NO Fore grip
308 M&KE AT-94 A2 (18mm Heavy Barrel) Non-Ventilated / See Note Below
310 H&K-94 SD SD Barrel Shroud
310A H&K SP5L SD Shroud (Will Accept 3 Lug Adapter) SD Barrel Shroud
311 SW .45 SD SD Barrel Shroud
312 SW-5, BW-5 SD SD Barrel Shroud
313 GSG-5 SD SD Barrel Shroud
314 MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm Heavy Barrel) SD Barrel Shroud

NOTE: Due to numerous city and states enacting new regulations regarding protruding fore-grips, we will no longer supply the Ambidextrous Vertical Fore-Grips as pictured on various shrouds. If you would like to receive the Vertical Fore-Grip with your shroud please request it when ordering. We will supply it at no extra charge..

Firearms pictured are not for sale and they are NOT included with the purchase of a Barrel Shroud.

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Ventilated Barrel Shrouds with Foregrip (unless otherwise specified)
Ruger Mini-14 & Ranch

Order# 201 $66.95

UZI Carbine 9mm & .45

Order# 202 $66.95

Ruger 10/22

Order# 203 $66.95

STEYR AUG (No Foregrip)

Order# 204 $66.95

H&K 94 / PTR 9R

Order# 205 $66.95

H&K Clone, SW-5, BW-5

Order# 205A $66.95

Ruger Mini-30

Order# 206 $66.95

H&K USC .45

Order# 207 $66.95

UZI SMG (Fits Short Barrels) (No Foregrip)

Order# 208 $66.95

H&K SL8-1 (No Foregrip)

Order# 209 $66.95

Beretta CX4 Storm

Order# 210 $66.95

MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm H/B)

Order# 211 $66.95

Non-Ventilated Barrel Shrouds with Foregrip (unless otherwise specified)
Ruger 10/22

Order# 303 $59.95

UZI Carbine 9mm & .45

Order# 302 $59.95

H&K-94 / PTR 9R

Order# 304 $59.95

H&K Clone, SW-5, BW-5

Order# 304A $59.95

H&K USC .45

Order# 305 $59.95

Beretta CX4 Storm

Order# 306 $59.95

MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm H/B)

Order# 308 $59.95


Order# 307 $59.95

HK-94 / SD Barrel Shrouds
H&K-94 SD

Order# 310 $56.95

H&K-94 SP5L

Order# 310A $59.95

SW .45 SD

Order# 311 $56.95

SW-5, BW-5 SD

Order# 312 $56.95


Order# 313 $69.95

MKE AT-94 A2 (18mm H/B)

Order# 314 $56.95

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